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@balistiq #LOUDER ft. @espa__ - if you haven’t already, turn ya speakers UP and get involved! 🎢🎢🎢 BIT.LY/BALISTIQLOUDER πŸ†

Here’s a Brand new track from our forthcoming EP out Aug 14th

Lana Del Rey - Gods & Monsters (Balistiq Remix)

A few weeks back we dropped a track with Etta Bond we did on the day - now we’re doing the same with ‘Pollution’ by Solomon (Jesse James)

Official BALISTIQ remix of Kat Dahlia’s “Gangsta”


Leh we get this straight…

1 take

For those who missed it - here’s a radio rip of our Radio 1 Guest Mix for @mistajam turn ya speakers up

Instrumental mixtape by Balistiq

BALISTIQ - Instrumental mixtape by Balistiq

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